Notice of Annual General Meeting

All members of the Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC ICN 8355 and the Kariyarra Land Aboriginal Corporation ICN 8496 are advised that an Annual General Meeting will take place as follows:

Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Date: Friday 18th February 2022

Place: Wanangkura Stadium Jimblebar Function Room

Hamilton Road, South Hedland WA 6722

Technology: Not available

On arrival at the meeting, Members should check the Register of Members and if needed, update their name, address and any other details.


1. Welcome, attendees and apologies:

1.1 COVID 19

1.2 Confirm the Chair for the Meeting;

1.3 Attendees;

1.4 Apologies; and

1.5 Quorum.

2. Proxy Appointments.

3. Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting:

· Confirm the Minutes; and

· Matters arising.

4. Corporation reports:

· CEO report;

· Directors’ report;

· Financial report; and

· Auditors report.

5. Questions about how the Corporations are managed.

6. Appointment of an Auditor for the next financial year and set the audit fee or

authorise the Directors to set the fee.

7. Other business

· Strategic Plans;

· Forward Budgets;

· Election of Directors;

· Membership;

· Proposed change to the Constitutions; and

· Kariyarra Medical Accommodation – Abbotts Trust

Please confirm your attendance to Rikki-Lee Watkins, Personal Assistant to the CEO: or telephone 0447 337 834.

***Please note that no payments will be made to the Members or Directors for attendance at the Annual General Meeting, this will also include no payments for fuel or food costs. Refreshments and lunch will be provided to the meeting attendees.

***Please note that as of 31st January 2022 COVID – 19 Restrictions will be in place and that all Members or Directors aged 16 years and over must show proof of vaccination to enter Wanagkura Stadium.


Patricia Badal