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Our Directors

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Patricia Badal, Chairperson

Patricia is a local Kariyarra women who has lived in Port Hedland most of her life. Prior to being appointed as the Chairman of the Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation Board of Directors, Patricia was previously employed by the Corporation as an Education, Training and Employment Officer.

As the Chairman, Patricia would like to provide fairness and equality amongst the Kariyarra community. She believe she is a 'people’s' person, holds no judgment, and would like to be seen as approachable. As the Chairman, Patricia aspires to be a leading role model within Kariyarra and wider community. 

Patricia would like to contribute to the growth of the Corporation, see it benefit and prosper with future endeavors, and grow into a leading independent organisation within the region.

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Brenda Alec, Director

Brenda is a Director of Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation and enjoys celebrating Kariyarra culture by way of fishing, camping, being around family and cooking bush tucker.

Brenda is a well-respected family leader and is passionate about Aboriginal leadership with Port Hedland.

Brenda is pleased to be a director of KAC so she can work towards a greater future for all Kariyarra people.

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Diana Robinson-Brown, Director

Diana is a Director of Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation and is the Traditional Owner of Marapikurrinya country which is the country which the township of Port Hedland is located on.


Diana considers her family to be everything and is a passionate Kariyarra woman. Diana is a keen businesswoman owning several small Kariyarra businesses and wants to see a real and sustainable future for Kariyarra people.

Diana believes family groups are integral to Kariyarra as each group speaks for their own country and access to this country is essential.

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Donna Lockyer, Director

Donna is a strong cultural leader in the Kariyarra community. Passing on law and culture is very important to Donna and she believes her role as Director with Kariyarra can greatly help that process.

Donna would like to see Indigenous people unite to pass on traditional laws and customs to protect their culture.

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Taryn Watkins, Director

Taryn is a Director of Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation.Taryn is from the Maggie family group. Taryn is born and bred in Port Hedland. Taryn enjoys the bush life and considers country to be precious.


Taryn believes country should be an important aspect of the younger generations. Taryn is inspired to assist the community and would like to pass down her knowledge to all future generations.

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Anne Ali, Director

Anne is a Director of Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation. Anne loves being a member of the board of Kariyarra so she can assist the younger generations and looks to make sure that the transfer of knowledge from the older generations can be facilitated correctly.


This will ensure that all of the Kariyarra youth can know their heritage, culture and language.

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Karen Kelly, Director

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Kevin Stewart, Director

Kevin is a Director of the Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation and resides in South Hedland. Kevin’s family group is Warraranga and is based at Yandeyarra and Mr Stewart speaks for this country.


Kevin enjoys Australian rules football, spending time with his family and being on country at Yandeyarra. Kevin is regarded as a community leader and would like to see Kariyarra as a nationally recognised traditional owner group and to see Kariyarra people dig deeper into their culture.

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Alfred Barker, Director

Alfred is a Director of Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation and is a Kariyarra elder residing in Port Hedland with his family and extended relatives. Alfred has been on the Kariyarra board for nearly four years and has also been present since its inception supporting Kariyarra through the establishment of the PBC and its accomplishments throughout its years.


Alfred has embraced the responsibilities of being a director of Kariyarra and assists guiding it with his cultural knowledge and integrity.